ZBAR LOTA 45 "Frenchy"
2016 Buckskin AQHA Gelding
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2016 Buckskin AQHA Gelding">

Amazing in every way, describes this absolutely gorgeous well trained gelding we call Frenchy. Bonus Points! He comes in the color everyone is looking for, Buckskin! Frenchy is absolutely gorgeous, he is Buckskin with chrome, and comes with the prettiest baby doll head and the biggest, softest eyes you could ask for on one. His beautiful looks is not all our beloved Frenchy has going for him, he is very trained in and out of the arena, and has the best disposition. He is kind and gentle to be around, has amazing ground manners, and really is a true gentleman. Frenchy is good to bathe, saddle, and shoe. He is patient and calm no matter what you are doing with him. He doesn’t get frazzled or out of sorts, always thinks things through, and stays even keeled.

Frenchy is such a joy to ride. He is extremely trained in the arena, where he has the most adorable jog trot that you could sit for days and never spill your coffee! He carries himself with grace, and is always balanced. Frenchy is soft in his face and throughout his body, he is very light and smooth on his feet making every ride a smooth one. He knows all the maneuvers in the arena and does them with control. He has beautiful lope departures, is gorgeous going around, has solid spins, good lead changes, and a nice stop. Frenchy would really excel in the ranch classes. He does all the Maneuvers, and has a ton of body control. He has a beautiful headset, and he is comfortable to leave that baby-doll head below the saddle horn. Frenchy is also good to both head and heel on.

Frenchy is not just an arena horse. He is very well rounded as he has also been used extensively on the ranch, and down the trails. He has done every aspect of ranch work. He has been used to doctor and move yearlings, check fence, brand and the list goes on. Down the trail Frenchy takes everything in stride. He is calm and confident taking care of his rider. He is sure footed and pays attention to where his feet are. He has been ridden in all sorts of terrain from the rocky cactus filled deserts of Arizona to the timber and lush grass in Minnesota. He is sure footed and reliable down the trail. He will cross any obstacle in your path, and always stays calm and patient with his rider.

Frenchy has been exposed to all sorts of things and always takes everything in stride. He is a true gentleman to be around and a fun equine partner. He is a blast to ride and looks fancy doing it. He is so versatile he really can be taken in any direction of your choosing. Safe, Sound, Smooth, Sane, and Stunning. Frenchy is the Entire Package wrapped up in a pretty Buckskin one.

Offered For Sale: Sells at the Cowgirl Cadillacs Horse Sale in Sheridan, WY

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2016 Buckskin AQHA Gelding"> (click image to enlarge)

2016 Buckskin AQHA Gelding"> (click image to enlarge)

2016 Buckskin AQHA Gelding"> (click image to enlarge)

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