2016 Black Gelding
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 Gorgeous half Draft Gelding Broke to Ride & Drive 

Did someone say tall, dark & handsome? Felix is all that, plus the kindest horse you will ever meet. He is 100% safe & gentle with an outstanding attitude.

Felix is the true definition of a gentle giant. This kind gelding is broke to both ride and drive, and is equally willing to do both. He is like having an insurance policy down the trail. Ride him double, single, forwards or backwards; he is going to make sure whoever is aboard him stays safe and gets to their destination. He has been on countless trail rides, through the timber and hills of Minnesota, and the canyons, and washes in the Arizona desert. He is sure footed, steady and confident in any terrain, and has a ton of foot and bone to handle rocky trails. He will cross water, deadfall, hills, creeks, and anything that stands in his way.

He has the friendliest demeanor, and loves attention. He doesn't mind if you crawl all over him, loves being groomed, petted, and bathed. Felix has a very smooth way of moving, with a lope that feels like you're riding a couch. He lopes pretty circles in the arena, moves off of leg pressure, is soft in his face and sides, and has a nice jog and extended trot. He would look really fancy at the fox hunts!! We have jumped Felix lightly as well.

Felix is also broke to drive. He will pull any type of cart or wagon. He has been driven both double and single, and has been hooked to any and all types of farm machinery. We enjoy driving Felix through town with busy traffic, down country roads or in the desert. He is easy to hook where he stands good and is very patient. He is a blast to drive and looks fancy going down the road. He is good with other horses, and is good both outside and in a stall.

Felix is very safe, versatile, and willing and ready to do anything you ask of him. His super sweet disposition makes him easy to love and a joy to have around. Whether you want to ride or drive we know you will enjoy having Felix around.

Offered For Sale: 40,000

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Alise Holst 507.951.7880
Colton Thorson 218.770.8986
Located in Fergus Falls, Minnesota in the Summer and Aguila, Arizona in the winter