2016 Black Gelding
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 Stunning Draft Cross Gelding! 

Ramone is a stunning Percheron -Quarter Horse cross gelding that stands 16 hands tall, and is as black as ace of spades.

Ramone is not only gorgeous to look at, he has the kindest disposition. He is as safe and solid as you could ask one to be. He has seen countless miles outside down the trail and on the ranch. Ramone has doctored many cattle outside, he has also been used to brand and sort. He is fun to do a job on, and on Ramone you can be confident that you will get your work done!

Down the trail he is confident and calm, taking care of whoever is on his back. He is very tolerant and extra kind.

Ramone has been used to carry the American flag at the rodeo. Not only does he do an amazing job, he looks gorgeous in his jet black suit doing it. Ramone has also been used at the rodeos to pick up on. He is rock solid and he makes sure everyone in the arena stays safe.

He has also been ridden in the Bighorn mountains on day rides, hunting and pack trips. He is a sure footed, steady and a safe mount. He doesn't care what position he is on the trail, front or back he stays relaxed. He will cross any obstacle in his path, water, deadfall you point him in a direction, and he goes. Ramone is smooth as glass, he has a rocking chair lope and is very comfortable to ride all day. He is also fun to ride in the arena where he lopes collected circles both directions, he rides off your seat and legs, is soft in his face and sides. Ramone has a true one hand neck rein, and handles himself really well.

This is a gorgeous, big, black gelding, that is double gentle, and the kind that fits the entire family.

Offered For Sale: Sells at the Best of the West Horse Sale Sept. 29th

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Located in Fergus Falls, Minnesota in the Summer and Aguila, Arizona in the winter