2018 Brown Grade Gelding
Owned By: Triple T Livestock
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 Percheron Thoroughbred Cross 

his gelding is a fan favorite around our place. He is so unique and a blast to ride. Yogi will literally do anything you ask him to do. He puts complete trust in his rider, and is up for anything. We have even ridden this horse in Downtown Nashville Tennessee!!! Sirens, lights, traffic, gunfire, people everywhere nothing phases Yogi! This Gelding has earned a real living on the ranch as well. From Gathering , sorting, doctoring, and branding he has done everything there is to do on the ranch. He is really fun to ride and use outside. You can run one down and rope it, and then go back to moseying along. Speed him up then slow him right back down.  Yogi is also fun to ride in the arena where he is very broke. He lopes nice circles both directions, side passes, rides off your seat and legs, is soft in his face and sides, has a true one hand neck rein and a nice stop. This gelding doesn’t just have to be a ranch horse, he is enjoyable to ride down the trail. He is confident and will literally go anywhere you point him. He also stays gentle with time off. So whether you ride him once a week or once a month you will have the same horse. This is a very fun, unique draft cross that is ready for any task you throw at him, and has the life experiences of ten lifetimes.


Offered For Sale: 20,000

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Alise Holst 507.951.7880
Colton Thorson 218.770.8986
Located in Fergus Falls, Minnesota in the Summer and Aguila, Arizona in the winter